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Microbe Formulas is a health care and wellness company that operates the e-commerce site microbeformulas.com, where you can purchase any of their products.

Microbe Formulas is a US-based distributor of natural supplements founded in Meridian, ID, in 2017. The company offers a broad line of high-quality, certified products to support the gut, immune system, and drainage. Since its establishment, Microbe Formulas has been continually expanding its supplement catalog and now all products are available not only in the US but also abroad.

All Microbe Formulas natural supplements contain carefully sourced, hand-selected natural ingredients, including herbs and botanicals, free of artificial or chemical ingredients. The doctors who developed the company create products based on scientific research so you can be sure of the validity and efficacy of each formula.

Microbe Formulas Detox Protocol:

Step 1: Power and Drain. This phase is intended to promote healthy digestion, enhance cellular energy production, and support the organs of detoxification. It includes supplements such as Tudca Complete, Intestinal Mover, BioActive Carbon® BioTox, and BioActive Carbon® Minerals. The entire detox step costs $232.95.

Step 2: Gut and Immune Support. The second phase helps the intestine maintain a healthy balance of bacteria and other microbes, removes unwanted materials, and supports healthy energy levels within the body. Includes Tudca Complete, Formula 1, BioActive Carbon® Foundation, Mimosa Pudica Seed, and MitoRestore. The full course costs $301.95.

Step 3: Whole Body Immune Support. This course focuses on supporting the body’s systemic detoxification and immune system by removing mild environmental contaminants and unwanted elements. It costs $227.95 and includes these products: BioActive Carbon® Foundation, Mimosa Pudica Seed, Lymphatic Complete, BioMolecular Oxygen, and Formula 2.

Step 4: Systemic Detoxification. The last step of the Foundational Protocol comprises BioActive Carbon® MetCham, Lymphatic Complete, BioActive Carbon® Iodine and BioActive Carbon® Minerals. All products aim to support the balanced system and eliminate all unwanted substances within the body. You can purchase this complex for $187.95.

Order the complete Foundational Protocol now for $907 and get a discount of $173, along with free domestic delivery.

Microbe Formulas innovative supplements are definitely worth your attention if you want to take care of your health using high quality natural ingredients and elements. To effectively support your body, you can benefit from the Foundational Detox Protocol aimed at promoting the immune and intestinal systems at all levels.


Visit Microbe Formulas

Microbe Formulas

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