Buck Mason offers from its online store high-quality basic men’s fashion garments, made in the United States of America.

You won’t find trendy items at Buck Mason, just classics that stand the test of fashion (which «fashion» could mean time). Clothes like button-up Oxford shirts, rugged jeans, and tried-and-true crew neck t-shirts. You won’t find flashy colors or crazy prints, just clothes that stand the test of time: durability and trends.

You know what you’re getting in terms of fit, fabric and quality. Buck Mason’s Oxford shirts are neither too baggy nor too tight, and their T-shirts, for example, have sleeves that reach mid-bicep, with no excess fabric on the body. It’s the little things, people.

The brand’s commitment to quality is reflected in its selections of fabrics and washes in a versatile range of styles. They’ve found plenty of ways to reinvent the t-shirt and jeans, for starters, and that’s really the tip of the iceberg in any criticism of Buck Mason. They say their clothes are «eternal possessions that stand the test of time.»

They also get involved in new styles that cater to customers and fans of the brand, such as the handmade, yet casual, tailored jacket. The fact that you can wear this jacket with a Buck Mason t-shirt or Oxford shirt is a huge plus.


Buck Mason started online, but now has 9 stores and pickup locations, all in California or New York.

Visit buckmason.com

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