4 tips that will change your perception of ecommerce forever

Get ready to grow

It may seem obvious, but the truth is that we have known many cases of companies that took the leap without being prepared for it. Imagine, for example, doubling or tripling the references in a catalog in a short period of time. Or that, as a result of an in-depth redesign, it becomes necessary to upload thousands of images with a quality five times higher than the previous one. Or that sales skyrocket much higher than expected without sufficient foresight or responsiveness.

Death by success sometimes happens, and it can be a consequence of not adapting the infrastructure at the right time and dimensions. In this sense, it is essential that an ecommerce or ecommerce project contemplate and facilitate scalability.

Don’t underestimate performance

Cloud platforms, search engines and most importantly, users and potential customers take performance into account. Prioritizing performance in an eCommerce is critical to its success and survival.

Having a platform capable of responding quickly to all requests (regardless of how many happen at the same time), is a key element so that the potential buyer does not have a bad experience. Content delivery networks play a critical role in performance.

Fastly’s next-generation CDN decouples performance from the infrastructure itself, whether on-premises or in the cloud, and offloads all that pressure onto the network, which is sized and optimized to respond to any volume of demand, even high peaks unforeseen traffic.


Protect your safety, and that of your customers

Cybercrime is a real problem, with a huge impact on the digital economy, and from which no one escapes. A very common mistake is to think that it will not happen to us.

An eCommerce receives and handles highly sensitive data from its direct customers, as a result of the transactions it generates. That is why they are always susceptible to cyberattacks, increasingly to a greater extent and more sophisticated. Getting the right security solutions is also a guarantee of peace of mind.

Take care of the image

As soon as you visit different electronic stores, you will find images that have not been optimized or served properly, and therefore can take several seconds to load, be uncomfortable to navigate, and so on. The user experience is highly affected here. avoid

4 tips that will change your perception of ecommerce forever
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