3 basic tips for your online store

Unique and original content optimized

Having established the categories and subcategories that we talked about in the first tip, it is time to complement them. For this, it is necessary to generate quality and original content, whose focus is to offer useful information to users. For example, it would be about creating files for the products that are complete, concise and make clear any questions that a client may present.

In the same way, this content can be supported with blog entries, which will serve to provide content, more specific or broad, that otherwise could be tedious in the product sheet. To create a better relationship between these aspects, it is good to use internal links, which help to maintain a constant flow within the website, avoiding loss of interest or migration to another site.

External links

External links raise the possibility of giving a greater online presence to the business. In this way, making use of them is basically a necessity to generate a good base for a digital project. One way to incorporate external links is to seek to establish contact with other relevant stores, blogs or websites that are related to the interests of your business.

In this way they could mutually share news, updates, or content of interest on social networks, seeking to influence the community of users of the same. It could also lead to a more substantial aspect, such as creating discussions about your business topics in internet forums. This would generate content of interest related to your business, at the same time that you create a relationship with the participants and strengthen your digital presence.

These 3 basic tips are a good way to start your digital project from a search engine optimization point of view. However, as we mentioned, there are many other factors to consider such as search engine optimization, product order, loading time, microformats, sitemap, improving the purchase process, etc.

Study and Architecture

The topic of SEO can sound complicated at first, since it presents a series of background factors, which if you are not an expert it can be difficult to adapt to them. However, beyond the technical aspects and the secrets of the gurus in this field, the main aspect to take into account is the knowledge of the business. And for this, there is no one better than the person behind all this, that is, you as the entrepreneur of the project.

That said, it is necessary to find those keywords that make sense with the product or service you offer from different approaches. Thus, you can also classify these keywords into categories or subcategories, generating a specific framework for your website.

3 basic tips for your online store
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