“I am frequent flyer with the legacy carriers in Europe and I have had several claims against airlines in the past. My best experience has been with Transavia, who were very easy to get in touch with through WhatsApp – always responding within an hour – and who eventually honored my claim 100 %.

My experience flying with Transavia (to/from) Morocco was also good. One of the better low-cost carriers with pleasant and professional staff.

I would fly Transavia again without hesitation.”


“Fantastic experience flying with Transavia. Our trip was significantly cheaper than other airlines we tried. Cabin bag and hand bag allowed as standard. Flew to Orly from Dublin. On time, clean modern airplane. Lovely professional staff and cheap and fast access to central Paris or Eurodisney from Orly. These will be my go to for any future flights.”

“I had an amazing experience with transavia airlines no trouble at all. but we did had to change into a different transavia aircraft due to something wrong with the engine. but I had a amazing time with transavia”


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