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Raleigh Denim’s men’s core collection includes four classic fits, from a thin taper to a more relaxed “work” fit; available in a variety of fabrics that will make even the most hard-core denim head swoon. Choose from raw, selvedge, and, perhaps most exotic, limited-edition denims that include the last of United States-made Cone Mills’ product, loomed before the company closed its Greensboro, North Carolina, White Oak mill in 2017. Raleigh also works with Huston Textile, a veteran-owned, family-operated textile mill that Victor describes as “started by a guy working out of his garage in California.” (Huston now operates from a converted military hangar near Sacramento, utilizing a dozen vintage textile looms.)

Raleigh Denim also experiments with denim, like a sustainable version that comes from a Japanese mill and uses banana fibers. Other offerings include colorful canvas styles, stretch fabric jeans, baby-soft flannel plaid shirts, and the company’s own interpretation of classic Oxford shirts.

They look for the best fabrics, materials that radiate character and texture and have the ability to tell stories. With these top quality materials they manufacture their products in an artisan way


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Raleigh Workshop

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