LUTEC was launched in 2010, focusing on architectural LED light & introducing Solar Energy studies.

As a global supplier, its products fully comply with all relevant technical and quality requirements of the different regions of the world.

In most of our ranges they use dedicated LED light engines, constantly improving the performance of the total LED product, resulting in higher performance of the total LED product, resulting in a higher lumen/watt ratio, as well as increasing lumen/watt levels. monetary ratio.

All LUTEC LED products benefit from a 5-year functional guarantee. For the SOLAR range, a standard operational guarantee of 2 years applies. One of the main decisions that LUTEC LED have made in the LUTEC organization is to tear down the walls between each department to improve between services where everyone has a positive role to play in all projects. It works because they believe that we all care about the success of a product.

The variety of products, the prices and the quality of them make them the best option in the lighting market, and an unbeatable enemy for the competition!

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