How to optimize your online store in an easy way

Usability and user experience

You have to take care of the user, that he feels comfortable browsing your online store. The architecture of your online store should guide the user in a simple way to the final step of the product of interest.

  • Create intuitive and well-structured menus that allow you to clearly visualize the category structure.
  • Always include breadcumbs (breadcrumbs) so that users always have a reference to where they are.
  • Add an advanced search engine so that users have the opportunity to directly search for the product they need.
  • Simplify the payment process as much as possible. Reduce the number of steps to the maximum and if possible, do it all on one page.
  • Request the least amount of data possible (eternal forms).
  • Allows the option to buy as a guest.
  • Optimize for mobile devices. Eliminate pop-ups (on a mobile device it is difficult to close them).
  • Order the information so that the user does not have to continually interact up and down.

Customize, personalize and personalize

Setting up an online store is not about downloading a template and applying it. Your online store must have a brand image, «Your brand image.»
Spend the time necessary to «dress» her, to give her the soul that will differentiate you from the rest.

Define well a color palette for your online store. With 2/3 colors and their respective percentages it should be enough.

Choose a font that is easy on the eye, that reads well on any device. A couple of guys should be enough for you. One for titles and one for the rest of the texts (descriptions, notes, alerts …).

Use your own images, as faithful as possible to the products you sell. Find the balance between image quality and weight. It is sad to navigate through some ecommerce that take forever to load or others that when they do so show you images that are not very sharp, lifeless.

Create original content

Do not just paste the text of the technical characteristics of your provider. Personalize your texts by adding your personal touch. What benefits does your product have? Are its materials of quality? How useful can we give it?

The more information we give about it, the more effective your sale will be. Your potential buyer won’t need to search for additional product information.

It details the main qualities, advantages and uses of the product.
Mention the manufacturer or brand if you think it is a competitive advantage.
Describes the technical aspects to complete the information (material, capacity, power) depending on the type of product

How to optimize your online store in an easy way

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