5 Important Tips to Sell More with your Online Store Today

Mobile experience and responsive web design

The really ideal thing is to have a design totally thought for mobile devices, but if it is not possible, unless it is responsive with sense, that is, not only that the elements change their size and are reordered for display on small screen sizes. , but that the rearrangement of the elements has a meaning as in desktop computers and laptops.

An important detail when evaluating a mobile design is to check if the important elements of your online store, such as CTAs, are within reach of the thumb?

A design thought natively for mobile browsing or a responsive design allows customers to have an excellent ecommerce experience from a smartphone or tablet.

Even so, there are many people who will continue to make purchases through the computer, even if the first search and previous investigation is made from the mobile phone.


Clear and focused design

First of all, at the beginning of your store or on the product page, show the value proposition.

Are you solving the problem your client has when they search your website?

Don’t talk about the product at the beginning and be sure to include your value proposition, the problem you solve, at the first glance.

Although aesthetics is not the most important element, it can give an idea to the person who is visiting it of what the experience on the web will be like.

The trend in web design is changing to a simple web design focused on the action that we want to achieve from visitors.

Basically it is about eliminating unnecessary buttons, textures, videos in the foreground and any element that disturbs the visitor, and that the most important thing is the clear call to action to achieve the objective we want.

In these cases, you have to put less is more into practice.



Showing personalized suggestions based on user behavior has become an important action to help the online store establish relationships with customers and help loyalty.

Related product recommendations allow users to find products that may be of interest to them and this will increase the conversion rate.

To dramatically improve the customer experience, encourage them to log into your store and display personalized content with product recommendations based on customer tastes, purchases, and browsing.

A section under the product of interest to the customer, put other visitors who bought this product also saw … If you have made purchases on Amazon this is one of their practices.

If you add a sense of urgency to a product suggestion, cross-selling or complementary, of the kind only available in X time, you will significantly increase their sale.

To show these complementary products, use pop-up windows prior to the payment process, that is, use the action of clicking on the add to cart button as a trigger for the pop-up window.


Improve or minimize loading time.

The difference between your pages loading slowly or in less than 1.5 seconds.

40% of users leave the website if the page takes more than 3 seconds to load.

If your product pages load in less than 3 seconds, close to 100% of users retain them, at least for now

And if your pages load in less than 1.5 seconds, it happens that Google rewards you (at least today) and you begin to occupy prominent and very high positions in its ranking.

And we already know what happens if your products appear at the top of the first page of Google, the visits are triggered and with them, if you have done your homework in the rest of the questions, the sales.

The duties I refer to are among others: SEO optimization of product pages: optimizing phrases or keywords for each product page.

Use eye-catching and quality content so that it is relevant to the user.


Homepage. Excellent photography and product information

The first recommendation that you cannot stop implementing in your online store is to show people using your product or enjoying the service.

Show a smiling person, always smiling, which projects a happy customer in all your elements and marketing materials will skyrocket the conversion rate.

Write eye-catching product descriptions and include the problems it solves. There are 3 problems that your customer has and wants to solve when looking to purchase a product or service.

First there is the external problem that is obvious and tangible, this external problem usually reveals the internal problem of your client, who often tries to alleviate a deeper lack or insecurity, and the philosophical one that is related to the fairness or unfairness of a situation to a higher level.

Online sales must give all possible information to the user who does not have the possibility of touching the product with his own hands.

That is why photography plays a fundamental role, you must use several good photographs of the product with the possibility of zooming in to visualize the small details.

It is also essential to show images of the product from all angles. And if possible a video that is even more powerful than images.

It is worth investing in a photographer who takes pictures in a professional situation and perspective.

5 Important Tips to Sell More with your Online Store Today
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